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Promotion of Tonga.Online / Mulonga.Net by Austrian ISP and Radio

Silver Server, the biggest independent  Internet Service Provider in Austria, has been supporting the Tonga.Online project since its inception by hosting the website Mulonga.Net free of charge. The recently published SILVER Magazin # 10 is carrying a story about Mulonga.Net and the ongoing cultural exchange between Austria and Zimbabwe, written by Astrid Schwarz from Radio Ö1 Austrian Broadcasting Corporation after she met with Keith Goddard and Peter Kuthan end of last year in Vienna.

Order your copy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Astrid Schwarz will be featuring Tonga.Online / Mulonga.Net also on air in the Radio Ö1 Science Magazin Matrix on Sunday 21st January at 22:30hrs.
Thanks to Silver Server and Astrid Schwarz for promoting Tonga.Online – Twalumba!
Stay tuned and listen! Of course we will download the feature and put it onto the website soon.

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1997: Tonga Composition Project

Six Reflections on Valley Tonga Music & surrounding Projekts

To date, Valley Tonga music remains virtually unexplored by researchers and is generally unknown outside the Tonga area. Hugh Tracey, the famed Afroethno-musicologist, was invited to the Gwembe Valley for ten days in 1957 by the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum,"to record some of the music of that section of the Valley Tonga tribe which will be forced to leave their riverside homes when the water of the Kariba Dam begins to rise next year, 1958."

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Binga + Siachilaba Photography Workshop

Calvin Dondo was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1963. He studied photography at Harare Polytechnic and has exhibited at several Galleries in Zimbabwe including the National Art Gallery in 2000; abroad he exhibited at the Market Theater Gallery, Johannesburg, at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona and at the Africa Iwalewa House, Bayreuth in 2001. He conducted these Photo workshops for students at Binga Highschool and Siachilaba Primary School on behalf of AZFA in order to capacitate the young Tonga folk to represent themselves on the website

see the photos  

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Presentation of calendar "signs of life 2004"

 "KONJILA" - "come in" (CiTonga)

Otto Lechner + João de Bruçó + Karl Ritter

are proud to perform at the presentation of the calendar

Cultures on the Move

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Music instrument workshop: The Kankolimba

In the first week of February 2005, the Batonga Museum in Binga, in collaboration with Tonga.Online Project facilitated an instrument-makers workshop for the purpose of building a set of marimbas tuned to the sound of the local Kankobela, specifically designed for the playing of Tonga music, in particular the music of the Kankobela and the Nyele.

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Congratulations: receives Honorary Mention @ Prix Ars Electronica

Creative artists from 71 countries submitted 2,975 works for Prix Ars Electronica 2005 . . . The Prix Ars Electronica is produced by the Ars Electronica Center in cooperation with the ORF Austrian Broadcasting Company’s Upper Austria Regional Studio, the Brucknerhaus Linz and the O.K Center for Contemporary Art. Ever since its inception, the competition’s focus has been on state-ofthe-art creativity in the key fields of digital media. " - Prix Ars Electronica website .

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Join in - Beyond WSIS - Platform for open cultures in open societies

World Culture Forum: From Information Societies to Knowledge-based Societies: Sustainable Development or the Deepening of the Digital Divide?
Brucknerhaus Linz / Austria 05.09./15:00

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A Tribute to Simon Mashoko Gwenyambira

When five Austrian artists visited Siachilaba in 1997 to take part in the “NYAMINYAMI Festival Celebrating Tonga Culture”, they made a stop over at Simon Mashoko´s place near Masvingo. Following this encounter with the great master mbira player they came up with an acclaimed foto/video/sound installation at the Gallery Delta in Harare in January 2002. Werner Puntigam, Klaus Hollinetz and Michael Pilz will present their impressions and installation again at Gallery Habari in Vienna from 26th February (opening 7 p.m.) onwards (and in Graz, Linz, Munich and other places later).
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Design Competition, Binga ITC

A Design competition was held at the Binga ITC from April to June 2003, with a number of objectives in mind:

winner: Danayi Chivandire

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Music Computer Workshop - Konjila - Report + Feedback

“Konjila” ( chiTonga for “come in”)

a music and computer workshop held at Binga ITC from 16 – 20 September 2003

listen to "konjila" , a sample of the outcome of the workshop.

see images of the workshop.

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Exhibition Patrick Mweemba

Image A music workshop participant from Choma / Zambia, Patrick Mweemba, staged an exhibition of some of his work (wood and linocut prints) at the Binga BaTonga museum.

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Tonga Music on Ö1 Radiokolleg

There was another chance to listen to Ngoma Buntibe, Kantimbwe and other styles of amazing Tonga music from Zimbabwe and Zambia on Austrian Radio Broadcast Channel 1 / ORF Ö1 Radiokolleg from Monday 13th until Thursday 16th February daily in the morning.

With special permission of Andreas Wolf and ORF you can listen to the soundfiles:

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Outcome of benefit concert

 Radio FRO is based at Stadtwerkstatt Linz / Austria which has always been a hub for arts and independent media promotion and production. In 1997, Stadtwerkstatt organised the expedition of the Tonga Ngoma Buntibe group Simonga (from Siachilaba) across the Dead Mountains in Upper Austria as part of the "Festival der Regionen" in collaboration with AZFA and Sunnseitn.

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Benefit Concert 12th November, Posthof Linz

Radio FRO in Linz / Austria supporting free communication for the Tonga people in Zimbabwe

FRO feiert 7: Free Radio Upper Austria celebrating 7th anniversary
Free Speech for the Tonga people! - Benefit Concert

Saturday 12th November 2005, 20:00 till late, Posthof / Linz / Austria

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Workshop: Music and Computer - Expanding Digital Sound and Music

A capacity building exercise and skills training will be held at Binga ITC / Twiimbilane Studio in cooperation of Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association and Kunzwana Trust. This workshop will be held for technically already advanced and computer literate persons only as a Training of Trainers / ToT exercise.

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Symposium in Krems, Austria

Encounter the music of Southern Africa:
The Symposium will be held at the Donau Universität / Danube University in Krems / Lower Austria on 29th / 30th July, in the framework of the prestigious World-Music Festival Glatt&Verkehrt. One of the forum sessions on Friday afternoon is featuring Tonga Ngoma Buntibe Music and the recent cultural exchange with Austrian Windhund musicians Melissa Coleman and Karl Ritter, the composer Klaus Hollinetz and the film Across the River by Michael Pilz.

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Austrian Education Highway featuring Tonga.Online

The Education Highway is keen to promote school partnerships and e-mail exchange between pupils in Austria and Zimbabwe, especially pupils of Binga High have been invited to join.
There will be a live and online discussion with Peter Kuthan, chairman of Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association, on 23rd November, 10 am.

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AlphaSmart Europe Ltd supporting Tonga.Online extension

We are excited about the donation of another 25 AlphaSmart 2000 devices for Tonga.Online extension by AlphaSmart Europe Ltd!! 

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Wood Carving Workshop by Patrick Mweemba

BaTonga Museum, Binga invites those interested in woodcarving to register now for an exciting
Wood Carving Workshop by Patrick Mweemba a Famous Tonga artist from Choma / Zambia
8 March - 8 April 2004 : BaTonga Museum

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Music Computer Workshop

The workshop "Music + computer for future cultural heritage" at Binga ITC was held by two composers, Klaus Hollinetz from Linz / Austria and Keith Goddard from Harare. It started on Wednesday 17th September and ended with a short presentation of the outcome for the 3rd Binga ITC stakeholders seminar on Saturday 20th September. Participants were music teachers and artists from all over Binga area and from as far as Bulawayo, Victoria Falls and Choma / Zambia.

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Project receives Special Award for Communication with Museums

Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association / Argezim is proud to present and invite you to celebrating


On Wednesday, 5th December 2001, 6 the DEPOT "Kunst und Diskussion / art and discussion" series

Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna / Austria

TONGA.ONLINE is part of an ongoing cultural exchange programme between Austria and Zimbabwe. From April to November this year, the Tonga.Online project room was established within (and challenging the concept of)  the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow" at Schlossmuseum in Linz / Austria. 

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Press conference at the Landesmuseum

Tonga.Online project in media limelight: The Tonga.Online project was presented to a wider audience during a press conference at the Landesmuseum in Linz / Upper Austria on Friday last week. Dr. Peter Assmann from Landesmuseum introduced and  Peter Kuthan, Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber explained the project and concept of the webdesign.

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First phase of Tonga.Online - a resounding success

The first temporary deployment of a mobile Internet Centre - The Big Blue Van (BBV) of World Links for Development Programme - in the Tonga area is over. That's the sad news. The good news is that this first phase of the Tonga.Online Project has met an overwhelming and enthusiastic response from all parts of the Tonga community. 

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Buy a Brick Campaign for an Internet Centre in the Tonga Area!

The artists having signed this appeal support the Tonga.Online Project, which aims to establish an Internet access for the Tonga people who live in the remote border area of Zimbabwe.

The projects immediate objective is to contribute to the establishment of  Internet Centers at Binga Highschool and Siachilaba Primary School. In the long run it will facilitate easier access to education and provide a permanent platform for communication and information for this marginalized ethnic minority. Furthermore the project should also enable the Tonga to better expose and present their culture and their music in Zimbabwe and world-wide, as well as to encourage an exchange with other peoples. Considering the actual severe crisis in Zimbabwe, this is of great importance for the life and survival of the Tonga people.

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"Whose Images?" Panel Discussion: Strategies of Representation and Access

 Invitation to Paneldiscussion WHOSE IMAGES - WESSEN BILDER? Strategies of representation and access - 3 artistic approaches

With: Candice Breitz (SA / USA) Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber (Vienna) Oliver Ressler (Vienna) Moderation: Jeff  Derksen (New York / Vienna)

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Visit of African rap poet Lesego Rampolokeng / coverage on Ö1, ORF

LOOK AND LISTEN  - forthcoming events / Austrian side

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Austrian journalists visit Binga and Siachilaba

Three Austrian journalists, Mr. Robert Bilek and Thomas Schneider of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and Mr. Andreas Felber of The Standard newspaper will visit Binga and Siachilaba on 11th/12th April.

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Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange has the potential to contribute to mutual understanding and tolerance, to strengthen diversity of opinion and to promote debate on socially relevant topics. It helps to move away from the clichees of poverty and wealth to adress the root causes of imbalanced access to resources and social injustice. Cultural exchange is inspiring friendship and solidarity amongst people thus encouraging forces which are able to confront these problems as global challenges. It helps to create alternative structures and networks in civil society and facilitates participation in political life. It releases creative energy and triggers fresh stimuli in local and international art work and development cooperation.

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