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Connectivity at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Last year, my colleague Kate Meagher and I organised a conference at the Rockefeller Conference Centre to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by digital technology technologies and projects for informal workers at the Bottom of the Pyramid. We focused on four sectors central to ICT engagement in African informal economies: agriculture, business process outsourcing (BPO), mobile money and transport.

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Inspiring donation for Siachilaba Women Photographers Association

Another Photography Workshop was held end of September by photo artist Calvin Dondo. It provided not only some refresher of past exercises but also some training with new equipment donated by AZFA, cheering the morale of the group which is facing some difficult circumstances and searching for a permanent studio space. The workshop was attended by Hedi and Peter Kuthan / AZFA.

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UN's historic freedom of information agreement

By Christian Gramsch, Director DW Akademie, Bonn / Germany
The most crucial item carried by most refugees on their difficult journeys are their smartphones. Why? Because smartphones are sources of vital information – for mapping routes, receiving updates about the political situation, making their journeys safer, and hearing from their loved ones. Smartphones also allow refugees to share their experiences and communicate with others. Here we are talking about fundamental human rights: the right to freedom of movement, the right to physical integrity, the right to family, and the right of freedom of expression and information.

Alongside other basic rights, the United Nations has included the right to access information as part of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted this past weekend at the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015 in New York. This is a historic step.

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one man - one note. ReCalling Siachilaba

exhibition in Strobl, Kunsthaus Deutschvilla


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Gwanza Photography Workshop empowering Women in Siachilaba

The photography workshop was conducted 5-7 November 2013 to empower rural women in Siachilaba / Binga with photographic skills so that they can tell their own day to day experiences through their own eyes. Since most of the pictures we see are taken by the foreign media and strangers to their community, this was an opportunity for the women to learn how they can document and give a true reflection of their plight through photography.  It served as a preparatory stage of the cultural Tales of Resilience project which involves, the Tonga community in Siachilaba / Binga, Basilwizi Development Trust, AZFA,, Time's Up, an artists organisation based in Austria and Gwanza, an organisation which promotes photography in Zimbabwe, based in Harare.

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Fostering social accountability through community radio

By Lilian Kiefer / PSAf

GOOD governance focuses on the extent to which governments enact and implement policies in the interest of all citizens and the effective translation of public resources into public services. Decentralisation, a process of redistributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority allows for popular participation in implementation of policies ensuring interests of all citizens. This process is key in ensuring good governance as it allows for citizens’ participation in the planning and policy-making as well as implementation systems which would otherwise be highly centralised.

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Twaabane Times - Sharing Information

The newsletter Twaabane Times' name is derived from a Tonga word: "Twaabane" which means "sharing". This newsletter is called as such because its intention is to improve information dissemination, sharing and access to ICT in the Zambezi valley. It is prepared and published by Tonga.Online ICT and Cultural Promotion Project. The project operates under Basilwizi Trust.

It covers salient events that happen in the Zambezi valley. These stories are expressed in the form of poems, news stories and word puzzles. These stories, poems and word puzzles are written by well trained media club members from 10 Information Technology centres (ITCs) around the Zambezi valley.

This month's issue has hot stories that may give you a hint of what is happening in Binga and Information Technology centres which closely work with Basilwizi Trust. Gowing through them would surely be worthwhile...


Women Filmmakers Festival in Binga

Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) is excited to take the International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF) outreach to the Matabeleland North town of  Binga for the first time. The project will take place from the 5 to the 8 of December 2011 where local films will be screened to the Binga audiences. Located in Matabeleland North, 450km away from Bulawayo, Binga district has a population of about 118 842 people. Targeting an audience of about 5000 people, IIFF will screen the films Nyami nyami amaji abulozi (Nyaminyami and the Evil Eggs), Peretera maneta (Spell my Name) and I Want A Wedding Dress. Each film is specifically chosen for the community because of its theme, content and relevance.  Nyami nyami is an adaptation of ancient Tonga folklore. Peretera maneta tackles child sexual abuse, while I Want A Wedding Dress focuses on HIV and AIDS and behavioural change, particularly amongst young people.

Siabuwa Solar Project installation

another look at the design
battery room
floor ready for concrete
here we come
madison door
man at work
panel rails
solar batteries
structure almost ready
another look at the design
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Ars Electronica: Deep Space LIVE

Theme: "Between Rapacious Self-Interest and a Clear Conscience"

Linz / Austria
May 20, 2010 / 8 PM
@ Ars Electronica Center

Peter Kuthan (sociologist and chairman of the Austria
Zimbabwe Friendship Association) and Horst Hörtner (director of the Ars Electronica
Futurelab) will host a Deep Space LIVE presentation and discussion
"dedicated to emerging ideas, promising visions and countervailing concepts".

Certainly, Tonga.Online will be a reference point for these elaborations.

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Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

Interviews by Stefan Hecke in Siachilaba, August 2002

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Ö1 - Broadcasts

Ö1 Radiokolleg Broadcasts (in german): 13th Feb., 14th Feb., 15th Feb., 16th Feb.
These files are provided thanks to Andreas Wolf and ORF. read more

ORF texts about Tonga.Online

These texts (in german) are by Robert Bilek and appeared on ORF-online 

"Entwicklungshilfe aus dem Big-Blue-Van"
"Binäres Antilopenhorn-Blasen"
"Revolution oder Absturz ins Chaos?"

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by tschneid 1997 siachilaba, linz. tonga- six reflections. cd produced by arge zimbabwe friendship association & kunzwana trust; distribution extraplatte


listen to Andachtsjodler by Binga Highschool Choir + Otto Lechner & Windhund
see windhund tour for more info

Contribution to education Highway

Contribution to education Highway, a lecture about Tonga.Online - see video (in german), read more .

Interview for 8goals4future

See video of interview Keith Goddard and Hedi Kuthan for 8goals4future read more

Interviews by Theo Sianyuka and Isaac Munzaba

Radio Interviews
with Isaac Munzaba, National FM, ZBC
and Theo Sianyuka, Tonga.Online Project
23 July 2003
Topic: Youth and Computers

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The Loop

Explore The LOOP, a feature of Tonga.Online for the Ars Electronica 2002 in Linz Austria.

The Loop

Listen to the LOOP broadcast, read more

The Loop, Radiotopia

Listen to Radiotopia Material of the LOOP, read more

Hugh Tracey

TODO, ask Thomas Schneider for these files...
music archive music files by Hugh Tracey and other audio resources

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Listen to Monolith, or to a smaller sample by Keith Goddard, Klaus Holinetz
tonga- six reflections 1997 harare, linz. cd produced by arge zimbabwe friendship association & kunzwana trust; distribution extraplatte ex332-2


Listen to siamubbula or to a smaler sample by simonga and siankwede bokotela mudenda
recorded in siachilaba march 1997 by bert estl, released on the cd: tonga-simonga, one man-one note. produced by stadtwerkstatt und sunnseitn; distribution extraplatte ex 352-2

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