Both sides of the Zambezi: A playlist of on-air excerpts 2018

by Claudia Wegener / radio continental drift

across the Zambezi, between Zambia and Zimbabwe was a focus of
activities on the ground 2018. Sharing broadcast excerpts from the
Zambezi Valley for World Radio Day 2019, we

dream of radio-bridges to listeners around the world…

that is the various radio-makers at Sinazongwe Community Radio
Station aka ZongweFM; it’s also Mutinta Mukuwa (the white,
out-one-out) aka claudia who joint Zongwe team between June and
December 2018 for weekly workshops, international projects, and of
course many live broadcasts. “We” may also include the many
studio guests, we were honored to host, who spoke to us in person or,
through recordings and remixes.

like to invite you to go on a journey with ZongweFM Live for two
hours to the rural areas North and South of the Zambezi; you’ll
hear about a community fundraising concert for Zongwe FM, the local
launch of the Radio-Bridge Compilation, exchange visits of women
across Lake Kariba, between Sinazongwe and Binga, visitors from
Europa, Basimbi Radio, radio making with/ by/ for girls - and many
many other things between the lines…

you for listening!

continental drift

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