Mica Music Austria presents first Fair Music Award 2007 to Tonga.Online

At the Ars Electronica Festival 2007 in Linz, the fair music award for achievements for fairness in the music business was given for the first time ever to companies and initiatives acting in a responsible and morally mature way. Says fair music initiator and jury president Peter Rantasa on the award: “The fair music award is meant to go to projects showing commitment, those who already prove today what a fair music business of tomorrow may look like. We are giving an award to the Avant-Garde of fair music."

Executive Director of the European Music Council Ruth Jakobi, composer, academic teacher of composition and president of Austro-Mechana Dieter Kaufmann, ORF music journalist Irene Suchy, Ars Electronica director Gerfried Stocker, and fair music initiator and managing director mica – music austria Peter Rantasa were of the same mind: "Tonga.Online is an important contribution to fair music and, thus, a worthy laureate“, Peter Rantasa explained. “In a climate of conflicting priorities between the Global North and South, the Tonga.Online platform contributes to preserving cultural diversity, as well as fighting for peace and freedom of expression in the region.“Irene Suchy added: “To me, fair music incorporates fair distribution of resources. Neither should the Global North fleece the Global South, nor the rich the poor, nor the man the women, nor the white the black. What’s most urgent is to create the utmost fairness in the world. All structures boosting processes leading towards this goal shall be supported“.

more: http://www.mica.at/