Twaabane Times - Sharing Information

The newsletter Twaabane Times' name is derived from a Tonga word: "Twaabane" which means "sharing". This newsletter is called as such because its intention is to improve information dissemination, sharing and access to ICT in the Zambezi valley. It is prepared and published by Tonga.Online ICT and Cultural Promotion Project. The project operates under Basilwizi Trust.

It covers salient events that happen in the Zambezi valley. These stories are expressed in the form of poems, news stories and word puzzles. These stories, poems and word puzzles are written by well trained media club members from 10 Information Technology centres (ITCs) around the Zambezi valley.

This month's issue has hot stories that may give you a hint of what is happening in Binga and Information Technology centres which closely work with Basilwizi Trust. Gowing through them would surely be worthwhile...