Archived for 45 years and generally available in LP format only to a few interested specialists, now, for the first time, these files become readily accessable to anyone with access to a computer.

They are not only beamed by shortwave radio into the original area but are also widely distributed and made the central focus of discussions.


Originally it was thought that THE LOOP would begin from inside a Norwegian mountain within the arctic circle, that they would be downloaded to Grahamstown in South Africa and then streamed to London.

Although ILAM plans to store all 3000 recordings stored in its archives, this project has not yet been realised so the journey begins in Grahamstown.

But live streaming is not a practical possibility from South Africa at the moment and so CD recordings of the Tracey recordings were sent by DHL to Linz.

This is all still pretty fast but not as romantic as the original idea. Never mind: maybe in the future!

The recordings were compressed and then uploaded to an ftp server where they are available to everone including e-map, SWRadio and those in the electrolobby. They were also uploaded to Radiotopia. They are also available to journalists interested in writing about the project.