Intermediating the circulation of bits and files, the various relations between sites and spaces are commented on...


At the Linz node, you can find the Tonga.Online project and information about events taking place during the Ars Electronica festival in the electrolobby of the foyer, the Brucknerhaus.


See screenings of Thomas Schneiderīs "LO-FI Barrier": From the Dam Disaster to Radio Sparks.

Lo-fi Barrier__The video and the sound performed in the project is placed within the hot spots of globalisation. The usual discussion on global communication and the whole context of cultural identity often uses white out to unsubscribe individual point of views. The video- and soundscreenings highlight non linear perspectives from a diverse background. During the festival they appear as electronic sparks. Stories of dissimilarity in simultaneity. As soon as you show images of individuals, an often misused word comes to mind. Identity. As Joichi Ito pointed out during the Festival, it makes sense to divide between entity and identity. Entity as the physical body. But what is identity? The name, age, degree? This might be from interest for a bank, that want you to pay your checks properly or for the police, who wants to put you in prison. All roles we have to play lead to several identities. Maybe our task now is to protect ourself from information that is created about ourself. __Thomas Schneider

Talk to members of the project from Zimbabwe and Austria

Get information about upcoming events during the festival.

Next to the electrolobby, the Kitchen has its own programme which you will hear more about through the Daily Diary which contains information on the Tonga.Online involvement with the festival and a few commentaries and impressions provided by Keith.