The radio sets have to be shortwave in order to pick up the SWRadio signal. But it is not only about listening, but also about communicating and so she, too, will pick up the phone.

Shortwave radio remains the most powerful communication tool in Zimbabwe reaching remote places where even television and newspapers are unable to penetrate.

During the Liberation War of the 1970s, the Voice of Zimbabwe used to beam its shortwave signal into Rhodesia from Mozambique. This proved the perfect strategy for disseminating vital information to people who would, otherwise, never have received it.

The radio stations involved in THE LOOP include SWRadio (beaming into Zimbabwe from London), Radio FRO (the first independent radio station in Austria);
as well as--on the occasion of the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2002 (september 7th-12th, 2002)-- THE LOOP itself becomes a nodal point and is contributing to the festival and its on site - on line project OPEN AIR/RADIOTOPIA, ORF KUNSTRADIO.