Penny, originally based in Harare, just found an apartment in Binga. She is working full-time for KUNZWANA on the Zimbabwean side of the set up which involves mediating between the processes of here and there.

Penny has been described as "everyone´s dream when it comes to a travel agent." She and Keith met at a course in arts management offered by the British Council in Zimbabwe in 1997. Their first collaboration was the Nyaminyami Fesival of that year which involved creating local and international awareness about Tonga music and culture. It ended up with 30 Tonga musicians climbing over the Dead Mountains (Totes Gebirge) of Austria as part of a KUNST UND KRAWALL Project organised by George Ritter and Gotthard Wagner of Stadtwerkstatt. Attwenger (the guys who liked Zimbabwean swimming pools but not the rhinos) thought the whole project was crazy. Penny, sensibly, stayed at home.

Penny says that KUNZWANA is one of the best things that has happened to her. She found her life partner, Ish, at Sibungwe near Binga and they have a son, Tully.

The Tonga.Online Project provided a welcome opportunity for Penny and Ish to move out of Harare and back to Binga. Penny`s job as Operations Manager for KUNZWANA is to ensure that everyone in the community gains equal access to the internet centres being built in the area. This involves training for men and women, young and old, richer and poorer, educated and uneducated.

Penny is the liaison officer co-ordinating the Binga knot in THE LOOP.