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  1. [New Zimbabwe] The government ordered another nationwide internet shutdown Thursday - the second this week - ignoring local and global condemnation of its brutal crackdown against protestors and the adverse impact of the cyber-censorship on an already tanking economy.
  2. [Monitor] Parliament's committee on Information and Communication Technology has ordered the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ministry to conduct an assessment on the impact of the social media tax that was introduced by government at the beginning of the 2018/19 financial year.
  3. [] In Marange, 15 ZNA soldiers armed with AK 47 rifles and accompanied by a syndicate of 30 illegal diamond miners besieged Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) portal B at Mbada Hills and an area nicknamed Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) because of its rich diamond deposits around 12 midnight on 15 January 2019 and looted diamond ore that had been stockpiled there. The menacing soldiers held ZCDC guards on duty at gun point and tied their dogs together before setting their panning syndicate to fill up
  4. [Deutsche Welle] The latest increase has made gasoline in Zimbabwe the most expensive in the world. Protests have been met with hundreds of arrests and a second shutdown of the internet.
  5. [FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -According to court transcripts including oral submissions for the Prosecution in the case involving a large scale and unlawful interference, known as a cyber-attack, aimed at disrupting the regular operation of Lonestar Cell-MTN, telecommunications company, at the time of the alleged offense, Orange had already completed the purchase of Cellcom, raising new questions about the motive of Mr. Daniel Kaye, the man accused of hacking into Lonestar's telecommunications system?
  6. [CAJ News] Bulawayo -THE Zimbabwean government has justified a blackout in internet connectivity after days of violent protests by citizens over economic problems.
  7. [CAJ News] Johannesburg -SMALL businesses in the continent have received a boost following the launch of what is heralded as a mobile-first financial and business management application.
  8. [CAJ News] Johannesburg -THE implementation of modern technologies is projected to address rising demands for food and tackle dry conditions, particularly in South Africa, ranked the world's 30th driest country.
  9. [Ghanaian Times] The Knowledge Ghana Project (KGP), an initiative that seeks to support the implementation of the government's national public sector reform strategy was yesterday launched in Accra.
  10. [Shabelle] Kenyan troops destroyed a Hormuud Telecom communication mast located in Ali Buley located on Somalia's border with Kenya this week, disrupting communication in the area.