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  1. [Guardian] Nigerian financial system has been jolted by a lethal development; and that is the growing activities of cyber criminals who work in and outside the system.
  2. [East African] Scientists have developed an affordable, quick test for a number of common infectious diseases including HIV, flu and dengue fever.
  3. [CIO] Agriculture constitutes 30% of the Gross Domestic Product in Kenya and can even do better if technological advancements are leveraged on it an area that Google has announced an award of Ksh 100 million to the Kenyan farmers to better their practice.
  4. [Innovation in Africa] Like it or not, Africa's mobile operators are central to the success of start-ups and for operators wanting to create "digital transformation", they need new products and services. But each side needing the other does not mean that mobile operators know any better than any other large corporate how to do innovation, either internally or externally. Russell Southwood looks at Kenya's dominant operator Safaricom and how it has struggled to innovate.
  5. [Thomson Reuters Foundation] New York -Shared data hub will collect information on money moving around the world and compare it to known ways that traffickers move their illicit gains
  6. [Nyasa Times] Malawi Digital Broadcasting Network Limited (MDBNL) popularly known as Kiliye Kiliye television has introduced a pay service of K6000 (US$40) as subscription fee per month to its viewers in order to view foreign entertainment content which it has acquired.
  7. [The Conversation Africa] Technology, like mobile apps and online learning platforms, is becoming an increasingly important teaching tool all over the world. That's also true in emerging markets; accessible technologies can essentially be used to take information and digital resources into remote, rural and under-resourced schools.
  8. [CAJ News] Johannesburg -HUAWEI and Altron, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed technology company, have partnered to deliver tangible and real Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses in Africa.
  9. [This Day] The Central Bank of Nigeria and MTN Nigeria may soon strike a deal in their dispute over the repatriation of $8.1 billion, Information Minister, Lai Mohammed said on Wednesday.
  10. [Ghanaian Times] M-TEchX Inc, a Japanese Nano Technology Company is to establish a plant in Ghana to produce Nano fibre for oil and gas and medical cleaning in the country.