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Tonga Music on Ö1 Radiokolleg
Saturday, 18 February 2006 00:00

There was another chance to listen to Ngoma Buntibe, Kantimbwe and other styles of amazing Tonga music from Zimbabwe and Zambia on Austrian Radio Broadcast Channel 1 / ORF Ö1 Radiokolleg from Monday 13th until Thursday 16th February daily in the morning.

With special permission of Andreas Wolf and ORF you can listen to the soundfiles:

This program was targeting especially schools and other educational and academic institutions and was referring to the Symposium "Zambezi River Music" which was held at Donau University Krems in July last year. ORF journalist Andreas Wolf who made the series in collaboration with Cornelia Pesendorfer and Peter Kuthan conducted also interviews with Austrian composers and musicians Klaus Hollinetz, Werner Puntigam, Peter Androsch, Otto Lechner & Windhund. AZFA is happy having Tonga music and cultural heritage promoted again in Austria - it was a great daily treat.