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Dominic Muntanga

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Parade blog launched
Sunday, 22 March 2009 12:57

Time flies, the Parade at Linz 2009 -  the European Capital of Culture this year - is coming closer.

One of the key participants will be a joint ensemble of the Ngoma Buntibe groups Simonga from Siachilaba in Zimbabwe and Maliko from Sinazongwe in Zambia.

Have a look at the blog to see what's happening in the run-up to the
Parade, post your comments and greetings, and follow the events in Linz / Austria on site or online.

Parade-blog launch: www.linz09.at/parade-blog


/Parade/ is music on the move in public space along the periphery of
Linz. It is an encounter and experiment with different sound worlds.
/Parade/ promises both, a new listening experience and best
entertainment. The audience will find itself in new roles: taken by
surprise, encircled, involved.

1st May 09, 14:30 -- solarCity/Pichling, Lunaplatz
2nd May 09, 15:00 -- Harbour, headland at Time's Up
3rd May 09, 15:00 -- from Petrinum up the Pöstlingberg

with: Albin Paulus + Stephan Steiner Duo // Donau Brass // Hornroh -
modern alphorns from Switzerland // Lege Lege Foli -- Balafon Ensemble
from Burkina Faso // Masterdrummers of Nepal // Sekembuke & Siga --
Zumari horns from Zanzibar // Shanbehzadeh Duo from Iran //
Simonga-Maliko - Ngoma Buntibe Ensemble from Zimbabwe and Zambia

Concept Parade: Keith Goddard + Peter Kuthan
Production: Anna + Peter Kuthan
Web: _www.linz09.at/parade <http://www.linz09.at/parade>_

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A project for Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture in cooperation with
RUBBLE MASTER HMH GmbH and Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association