"For the Tonga people like me, there is something deeply biblical about the word MULONGA, yet it is a modern story too. One of massive but unshared technology. One of plentiful water but perpetual drought."
Dominic Muntanga

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David Mungombe
Thursday, 01 March 2001 00:00
ImageDavid is 42 years old and married, speaks four more African languages besides his native CiTonga and masters excellent English of course.
As an artist in various fields he holds a ZACT Certificate in Arts & Culture administration and has been working for Ntengwe. He has been involved as a consultant and resource person for some other cultural and educational projects.
(see Binga )

David Mungombe
Tonga.Online Project
Binga High School
P Bag 5722

Tel: ++263-15-573
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