They engage in THE LOOP through broadcasting and moderating their historical files on music and culture.

from: simon
date: fri. 30 Aug 2002 20:31
to: Thomas Schneider
cc: john, gerry
subject: RE: Mulonga - The Loop

John has given me much of your information, but we still have a number of confusing issues to be sorted out. Perhaps you could look at them and answer what you can:
  1. We have only one Codec for the ISDN line. This enables us to send 2 locations simultaneously, so theoretically we could broadcast and send a feed to you at the same time.
  2. We have only one incoming studio telephone line for broadcast.
  3. I believe the best method would be for you to send us as much music etc that you need us to put into our programme. We could then do the telephone recordings of Peters trip around Binga area, and construct a programme out of the 2 elements.
  4. If out timings work out correctly, then on the evening of September 10th, we can send you a feed of the programme at the same time as we broadcast to Zimbabwe.
  5. It also enables us to enter into telephone communication with you live, after the programme too.
  6. Having listened to the first music which you kindly sent, we feel that this would be so focused on Tonga traditions, it might well alienate too many others of our listenership , so probably best if we had the programme towards the end of our broadcast. We close at 2100 Zimbabwean time. News finishes at 2000. So perhaps we do a 20-minute pre-recorded programme at 2030, with some telephone calls to you or Keith after, taking us close of transmission.
  7. If all this is acceptable to you, then we would need to do tests on the ISDN link. We are running at a bitrate of 64kb/s and a sample rate of 48kHz Mono.
  8. Alternatively, for the one night only, we could run our stereo internet streamer at a higher bitrate to give a sample rate of 44kHz say, and you could take your feed from that.
  9. Am I to understand that you have a programme ready for us to broadcast (kunstradio)?

Please let me have your thoughts on these issues
Kind regards