Here, the meeting point in the area is the Siachilaba Business Centre, and, in particular, the shop next to the beerhall where many people gather to take part in the event.

Siachilaba Business Centre is situated at the 100km peg on the Binga road which turns off from the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road. The main store and beer hall used to be run by Joyce Manjengwa who was also responsible for installing electricity at the centre and getting the two grinding mills up and running.

Sadly, Joyce died a couple of years after she joined the trip to Austria. She is buried next to her husband just behind the shops they ran.

The area of Siachilaba,under the chieftainship of Chief Siachilba, is extremely large. Transport is often a problem and children in more remote corners are unable to go to school until they are strong enough to walk the long distance of up to 12 km to get to class. Even Chief Siachilaba`s village is half an hour´s walk from the main road and when the small river is in flood, one has to walk three or four kilometres down the road to the police station and cross from there.