Dominic had visa problems which prevented him from travelling from the USA to Linz. Although he can't join the discussion in person, he is able to respond through e-mail/ and can be present at the festival by means of video conferencing.

Dominic is Tonga and an ex-pupil of Binga High School in Binga town where the first internet centre in the Tonga area was set up in 2001. At present, he is studying in the United States. He founded and is Director of Bwaca Arts Promotions which focuses on culture and development amongst the Tonga people. This is how he describes the work of his organisation:-

"Bwaca" is a name derived from Zimbabwe's minority Tonga language which, when literally translated, means Sunrise. Amongst the Tonga tribe, sunrise is synonymous with events such as a rise in hope for a new day, the beginning of a new life and a new development. With the aim of focusing on neglected Tonga traditional arts, culture, and social issues, Bwaca Arts Promotions was conceived upon the associations that the Tonga tribe ascribes to the term Bwaca.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to use the arts to revive and maintain our cultural heritage and social well being. We believe that the shared knowledge of the arts of different cultures can support the development of individual potentials, can promote local and international understanding and encourage positive social cohesion.