The Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association (AZFA) and KUNZWANA Trust have worked since 1993 on cultural exchange projects.
Since 1995, the major focus of this exchange has been communication between Austrian artists and Tonga musicians.

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Tonga.Online is a project involving ARGE Zimbabwe Freundschaft (The Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association), KUNZWANA Trust and the Valley Tonga. The aim is to foster mutual understanding and better relations between people for the benefit of all and not just the privleged few.

Tonga.Online has its roots in the Austrian solidarity movement of the sixties and seventies with the Zimbabwe Liberation Movements.

Cultural exchange started with the Austrian duo, Attwenger, touring Zimbabwe in 1993 with Black Umfolosi. Attwenger loved the swimming pools but were frightened of the rhinos.

Promotion of Tonga ngoma buntibe music and culture became the focus of this cultural exchange in 1995.