Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association, Kunzwana Trust, Horizont3000 and the Tonga.Online team are very proud to announce a major step forward in the extension of project: Ziliikuchitika, it's happening in Sinazongwe across the river - Mulonga. The establishment of Sinazongwe ITC at Sinazongwe Basic School, Zambia has been completed. Five years after the start of the project in Binga, the network has now definitely reached the Zambian side of the Valley. What an occasion to celebrate together with the #50 edition of Tonga.Online newsletter!

Previously, Tonga.Online trainer Theo Sianyuka made a wide reach with project awareness campaigning in Sinazongwe and Mweemba communities of the valley, Mamba Secondary School and other schools, with the support of the Honorable Chief Sinazongwe and Mr and Mrs Miyanda. The computer technician attached to Binga High School by Horizont3000, Uwe Allgäuer, has joined hands with Gary Brooking from Arachnid Design in Bulawayo and traveled to Zambia, successfully installing 15 computers at Sinazongwe Basic School.

Gary wrote: "The installation went well. Connectivity and communications are a big issue there. But apart from that there is a lot of support and enthusiasm for the Project. Theo has been very well received and she is a great ambassador for the project. The Ubuntu and Open Office I am sure will be a great success and a model for many other schools to come".
The photos documenting the installation of the computers are already online. Thanks to Uwe and Tenashi for the pictures.
The IT Centre is expected to be operational by 3rd March 2006. The official opening of Sinazongwe ITC with lots of Ngoma Buntibe and Budima dance and music at another Mulonga.Net Festival is scheduled for the beginning of September.

"I feel there is a call from down under the lake waters for the BaTonga people of the valley on both sides to remain united, sharing the same development and catching up with the world" said Binga coordinator David Mungombe.

Official Opening of Sinazongwe ITC in Zambia

The Tonga.Online project has been well received in Sinazongwe, Zambia, with the Honourable Chief Sinazongwe and Mr and Mrs S Miyanda taking a lead in working with the T.O trainer Ms Theo Sianyuka in project awareness and getting started - many thanks for their good support. A number of Zambian stakeholders have also offered support, including World Vision and Zambia Beef. Twalumba!

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Sinazongwe ITC close to establishment

During AZFA´s visit across the waters to the Zambian side twenty-two participants from Sinazongwe Basic School staff, PTA, community, Ministry of education and guests attended a stakeholders meeting. A Management Committee has been set up under Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and electric power installation has been done in the entire block and burglar bars have been put up. 

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Zambia Meetings: Tonga.Online extension across the waters

Immediately after the Mulonga.Net Festival, AZFA and Tonga.Online visited the Gwembe Valley on the Zambian side of Lake Kariba, where we were warmly welcomed by Chief Sinazongwe and his community. Discussions were held with the Chief, his advisers and local authorities, regarding the possibility of extending the project to the other side of the river.

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Computers for Sinazongwe

After completion of preparatory work at Sinazongwe Basic School, Zambia AZFA has sent off the relevant hardware of 15 computers plus printer which is due to arrive at Lusaka airport on 23rd December. We are very grateful to our Zambian partner, Community Youth Concern CYC for handling the importation of goods on behalf of Sinazongwe Basic School. Transportation to Sinazongwe and networking will be done in early January 2006 with Theo Sianyuka providing for basic training.
We hope that Sinazongwe will go online very soon!