"For the Tonga people like me, there is something deeply biblical about the word MULONGA, yet it is a modern story too. One of massive but unshared technology. One of plentiful water but perpetual drought."
Dominic Muntanga

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Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "D"
Sunday, 25 November 2007 12:27
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Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande
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83. Dambwa talibuli chulwa.

(It’s rare  for a pool of water not to have a frog in it.)

In any discussion there are bound to be some people who have divergent views. This is normal.


84. Dombe kkumbila kubi kwadombe nkubba.

(A gentleman must ask for, rather than steal, something.)

If you admire something, better ask for it from the owner rather than steal it.


85. Dombe libija libija aatwalo.

(Should a gentleman be said to be bad his items should also be bad.)

Hate a person together with his possessions. Do not hate a person and continue to use their money/assistance/or whatever they have.


86. Dongo lifwida kumubumbi walyo.

(A clay pot must be destroyed by its maker.)

If people invite you to eat their food (especially beverages), make sure you let them be the one who finish that food.


87. Dongo lizula bana bako ayebo nubanyina lizookumena.

(A pot that fills with your children will end up swallowing you also.)

A person or disease that is killing your children will end up killing you unless you take precautions before it’s to late.


88. Dyamusule lyoombelwa ngoma (see 157).

(The last person to eat is praised by drums.)

The last person to perform receives more attention or performs better than others. Those who eat last are envied by those who will have eaten first.