"For the Tonga people like me, there is something deeply biblical about the word MULONGA, yet it is a modern story too. One of massive but unshared technology. One of plentiful water but perpetual drought."
Dominic Muntanga

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Penny Yon departs Binga and relocates to Harare
Sunday, 14 November 2004 00:00

With effect from January 2005, Penny Yon, who has been coordinating the project since its inception, will be based in Harare with regular visits to Binga to monitor progress of the project. A local team is being built to run the project on the ground in Binga, which is seen as a further step towards self-reliance for the project and the people of Binga.

We are very grateful to Penny Yon for her hard work and an excellent job done in Binga area. We wish her a safe journey back home. At the same time we are glad that she will stay with the project in her new function as project monitor and coordinator based in Harare.

The Tonga.Online office will continue to operate from Tel 573 and from Binga ITC (330). Contact Theo + Noty Sianyuka there.