Music Computer Workshop - Konjila - Report + Feedback

Post Workshop Developments

Since the workshop, three local groups of young people and one individual have come forward to enquire on the possibility of them recording their music.

One of the music groups within the school are in the process of recording and we are currently working on finding the best method of getting a more professional quality recording with the available equipment.

We are still awaiting a USB card which WorLD is sourcing for the center to buy before moving the PC to the storeroom where the Audio room is intended to be set up. This means that the computer is currently underused due to the activities within the centre right through the day, everyday.

I have been in touch with Radio Dialogue, a community based radio station with recording facilities in Bulawayo, with the view of taping into their experience and exploring possibilities of teaming up for the bulk production of cassettes and CDs in future. Their response is favourable and their Manager, Father Nigel Johnson is very much interested in Tonga Music. I have copied the Simonga CD for him and am awaiting his analysis of it and how he feels they might use it during their broadcasts should their application for a licence be approved soon. I have, however indicated to him that there is a need for me to get clearance first as to the condition surrounding the use of the CD for live broadcasts.

Sengamo Ndlovu,
music teacher at Binga Highschool