"For the Tonga people like me, there is something deeply biblical about the word MULONGA, yet it is a modern story too. One of massive but unshared technology. One of plentiful water but perpetual drought."
Dominic Muntanga

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Zambezi River Authority in favour of Tonga.Online Internet project
Friday, 30 March 2001 00:00
The Zambezi River Authority, a parastatal set up by Zambia and Zimbabwe for the development of water resources in the Zambezi valley, is very much in favour of TONGA.ONLINE Internet project as was stated in a recent fax/letter: "Indeed, the Authority has over the past three years tried to bring the plight of the Tonga/Korekore people on both sides of the Zambezi River to the attention of the citizens of both Zambia and Zimbabwe and the world at large. The Authority has published a booklet and video, both entitled
"Kariba Dam's Operation Noah Re-launched", brochures and a recent book, "Management of River Basins and Dams: The Zambezi River Basin" pursuant to this. These are being sold and the proceeds donated to the Zambezi Valley Development Fund which has been set up by the Authority for the Tonga/Korekore people. Further, the Authority is donating 1% of its water sales revenue to this fund. Consequently, your initiatives and projects are most welcome and the Authority wishes to affirm its total support to your efforts."
MJ Tumbare (Dr), Chief Executive, Lusaka / Zambia