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Author Topic: Progress Report: Sinazongwe ITC + radio station  (Read 3191 times)
Peter Kuthan / AZFA
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« on: February 12 2009 »

This report summarizes the activities for the ICT and the radio station as from August 2007 to January 2009.

In 2007 twenty people from the community finished their computer lessons, eleven were males nine were females, and from the eleven males one was a teacher.

2008, six people from the community did their course,  four male and two were females. Teachers also engaged an external trainer to teach them, she taught them for one month,  but no good results were attained. Those who were taught were ten, two males and eight females.

2009. As at January, two males have registered so far and they are training.   

A grade eight class has two classes with a total number of 55 pupils, one class has 27 pupils the other class has 28 pupils, of which 13 pupils and16 pupils are girls respectively. Grade nine class has two classes also with a total number of 53 pupils of which 11 from each class are girls. Grade eight classes get their computer lessons for forty minutes each class once per week while grade nine classes learn for one hour each, once in a week. Four pupils share one computer, as a result time apportioned to the computer lesson is too little, the four pupils using one computer end up not all of them learning or touching the computer, but become observers.

Money raised from the tuitions in 2007, paid the services of a security guard, and for 2008, bought curtains and padlocks for the ICT room. The security guard was employed specifically for the ICT not for the school but the school management always assists in paying when ICT hasnít made money, but it reimburses.   


Out of the 13 computers two of them are not working.

The current management committee exists on paper, from the time it was put up  it hasnít met.
Most of the Management Committee Members are government officers,  most of them were chosen on absentia and have either no time or no interest due to no remuneration paid.
Even those from the community, when the meeting is called for, and they find out that no food will be provided they leave.
Trained community members when contacted to help to teach others they demand for payment.
The ICT trainer has more classes to handle her school rota, time apportioned for computer training is becoming little more especially this term, she has to teach from 07:00hrs up to 17:00hrs leaving a big gap on computer learners.
Less days apportioned to pupils, once per week is not enough, worse that one computer is used by four pupils by the end of the period given it is found that others could have not even touched the computer at the end you find that there is no impact on pupils.
Telephone line hasnít been put yet.

Way forward

There is need by the school management who are almost running the ITC to call for a community meeting to choose a new management committee.
When the new committee is put in place, no member should be chosen on absentia, because he will not have committed him/herself to participate.
The committee to be chosen should know before choosing that they should not expect something from it unless they make the ITC viable.
If the management committee was effective it was going to rehearse with the school management to reduce the periods of the ICT trainer and apportion to computer training.
If the computer management committee was effective, it was going to rehears with the school management to integrate the computer lesson in the school syllabus, and then classes will not have one lesson once in a week.
There is need of a computer blower to keep the CPU dust free. This was last done in 2007 
Telephone line is not yet putup,  the reason given by the service provider is that they are still doing an exchange upgrade. More attention was shifted on erecting the mast which fell due to a strong current of wind and the erecting of another mast at Masku which will link Sinazongwe.


Not much activity was done apart from traveling to Lusaka to the ministry for consultations. A workshop was conducted by Mr.Sengamo with the radio team which comprised of six participants, lessons learnt were recording, editing and archiving.

A proposal was made seeking for funds to work on the studio and pay legal fees, some positive response from Kunzwana trust was attained through the help of Mr. Kuthan and Mr. Goddard who pledged us assistance.

Some arrangements are being sought by the chief to use a place which one business man was using as a transmitting point for his radio phone. If this will be achieved it will mean a link sender will be needed for linking the signal from the studio at school to the mast at the hill and we would cut the cost of electricity connection which is ZK 2,400, 000, and then we will have a 100% assurance of Binga getting the Sinazongwe radio broadcast. At the moment a survey conducted shows that the signal reaches the western part of Binga called Zambezi Mission.

The Budima group Maliko of the Zambian side went to apply for passport which per normal procedure it takes 21days so passport are expected either 14th ,15th of February or earlier than that if the office of the Permanent Secretary intervenes as promised to quicken the procedure.

Joshua Moyo
February 09


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