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Author Topic: Too much rainfall this season: an update on Binga.  (Read 4357 times)
Peter Kuthan / AZFA
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« on: February 01 2008 »

Binga this year received too much rainfall. The rains have been
precipitating daily since last year, giving people no time to cultivate
in the fields. The rivers and streams are continuously flowing posing
some difficulties to access some areas or schools especially in
situations where there are no bridges. Roads are slippery and seriously
eroded making them impassable. Most affected are Siabuwa-Gokwe and Binga-
Kariangwe roads. A bridge was washed away on the Siachilaba-Simatelele
-Manjolo loop road.

As for the main road (Binga-Kamativi roads) it has developed serious
potholes which requires drivers to exercise caution or otherwise the
car wheels and springs can be destroyed. Still on the same road, there
is a serious erosion underneath the road at 80 km peg caused by the Mlibizi
river that needs urgent attention. If this problem is not attended as a
matter of urgency it is likely to cause serious accidents because of its
invisibility in nature. Efforts are currently being made by the local
councillor to attend to the problem with other stakeholders such as
Ministry of Transport and Roads, AREX and the Natural Resource

Despite the fact that Binga soils have a good drainage capacity,
this time around they have failed to drain all the surface water to
underground due to continuous heavy rains. Most ground surfaces have
accumulated pools of water, creating a conducive environment for
mosquito hibernation or breeding. We hope that Ministry of Health will
closely monitor the situation to ensure that Malaria does not become a
menace to the community.

Dams and Weirs have filled up. One Dam in Manjolo ward got filled up
and destroyed the spillway. The water from the dams run into one manīs
homestead in Damba village and destroyed one Ngazi and a hut. Also
washed away in the process were fives chickens. Serious dongas and
gullies have developed at the homestead rendering it not conducive for
settlement. The Disaster Preparedness Committee visited the site on the
31st of January 2008 to assess the magnitude of the problem. The
committee just advised the home owner to relocate to a new site.

In the fields, there is no joy at all. Crops are stagnant, not growing
and have turned yellow due to deprivation of the much needed sunlight
for photosynthesis to take place. The natural grass is dominating in the
field because the rains are not giving people the opportunity to
cultivate. This could be another disastrous year as far as harvest is
concerned. In the past, at this time of the year people could be getting
something from the fields such as pumpkins, water Mellons. This time
there is virtually nothing. People have to continue depending on the food
hand outs.

As for the 31st of January, 2008 it was sunshine throughout the day. We
hope this is a beginning of a new phase as in the season.

Communication is very difficult due to poor connectivity, blackout and
non functional telephone line due to aged telephone infrastructure.

Pottar Muzamba

Project Director-Tonga.Online

Peter Kuthan / AZFA
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Posts: 819

« Reply #1 on: February 14 2008 »

Dear Peter.

I hope you are well.

Binga has been sunny since last Wednesday last week. Rains have stopped
for the mean time. However, consequences of the too much rains are
increasing. A stretch of 15 metres of road at 4.5 km before Binga centre
was submerged by water. This was because the small dams by sides of the
road became full to capacity. Visitors are advised to exercise extreme
caution. Soon after the pool of water, there are serious silt deposit on
the road. Drivers need to slow down. According to news received from
rural areas, some parts of Lusulu area are in floods. Lusulu soils are
main fertile clay soil with poor water drainage characteristics.

That's the brief update (8th February 2008).


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