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Author Topic: MARCH 2007 STAKEHOLDERS UPDATE  (Read 3707 times)
Peter Kuthan / AZFA
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« on: May 13 2007 »

On the Zambia side of the Zambezi river (Gwembe valley) temperatures and expectations of the season are a threat to humans living throughout this year. There are no good rains and crops which were grown are now drying up. The condition is not favorable, this might lead into jealous conducts like witchcraft, theft, divorce, early marriages to girls and prostitution which is an agent to the spread of HIV/AIDS.
As a result this will bridge into conducive turn up for computer literacy.

Some Sinazongwe zone school pupils were sensitized and introduced to computer literacy through not in complete due to long distance to the center, school timetables and time to cover the lessons. Schools were introduced to opening of  computer programmes, games & inserting in data. This sensitization beefed up the interest of pupils/young ones especially on games issue. In deep concern , this has to reduce so as most young ones could be told convincingly the vital needs of computer development service in our daily lives. Sinazongwe Schools in particular, has pupils who Know and Value the importance of computer literacy in the present dynamic world.

The March 07 month has not been favorable as to our expectation probably it is because of bad rains which has somehow perverted way for hunger presence .Students being trained are all employed workers where as fusing our computer lessons on their side is a bit hectic, hence their untimely attendance violets our anticipated perfection during the course



The School computer programme still stands unchanged

The centre is still as before (Last month update).

Sinazongwe centre is facing a problem of uncondusive and encouraging turn up of students. As found out, this is due to finance accessibility, the residents claim so. The trainers thought of extending their concern to Nkandabbwe, Sinazeze, Malima and Chiyabi inviting more students through posters, political councilors and headmen. The able management committee has not been set up yet due to earlier hatchet released  during the first stakeholders meetings in 2006.


We if possible need all the computer to have the same inserted sub programmes so as they operate uniformly, effectively and supportively. The centre management team has to be planted. The meeting shall be called using all influential stakeholders like the Ho.Chief Sinazongwe, District Administrator and Others . This was discussed at length during Maliko Development Trust at the palace.

Tonga.Online Project, your baby and first I.T.C across the Zambezi on the Zambian side appreciates and still cries for your support and encouragements.
For sure, Zilacitika mbuli mbozyeelede kuba ula kwela mwanakazi a mwaalumi. Kamukwela anywebo zyeende twalumba loko.

Compiled by :

Gerald Ndele.
Sinazongwe I.T.C Secretary&Trainer. 
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