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Title: Southern Province recorded the highest cases of Gender based violence last year
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on March 09 2012
Lusaka Times, Published on March 8th, 2012

Southern Province recorded over one thousand nine hundred cases of Gender based violence last year. Choma District ranked the highest with 780 cases followed by Monze with 506. Livingstone was third with 490 cases.

Southern Province NGOCC Liaison Officer, Faith Simukoko says the cases of gender based violence are a reflection of low economic and social status of women in the country.

Ms Simukoko called for unity of purpose among women to fight the injustices against them.

She was speaking at celebrations to mark international womenísí day at Livingstone Civic Centre on Thursday morning.

And Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Deputy Minister Jean Kapata called on women to unity and fight for the amendment of defilement to a non bailable offense.

Ms Kapata also urged women not to hide the cases of defilement happening in their homes.

She stressed the need for women not to withdraw cases of gender based violence against their spouses.

And Scores of people on Thursday morning turned up at Ndola Civic Center to commemorate this yearís International Womenís Day.

And officiating at the event, Justice Deputy Minister Alfrida Kansembe called for an end to all forms of injustice and discrimination against Women.

And Mrs Kansembe has urged the media to continue playing a strategic role in raising awareness against gender based violence.

She says the media has also a strong influence on motivating the girl child to aspire to greater heights.