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Title: Study: The sustainability of community broadcasting
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on November 07 2011
Sustainability eludes community broadcasters throughout the world, not least in Africa where, two decades after broadcasting reforms prompted a mushrooming of community radio and, to a lesser extent, television stations, most struggle to make ends meet.

Faced with this quandary, community broadcasters in Namibia, one of the first African countries to legislate for community broadcasting, and the media project of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Africa (fesmedia Africa) decide to investigate further:

    The sustainability of community broadcasting in Namibia - an assessment and plan of action
    by David Lush and Gabriel Urgoiti

The study found that, in their struggle to generate the income for day-to-day running costs, stations become detached from their communities, and end up competing - usually unsuccessfully - with better-resourced commercial broadcasters.The solution, the study suggests, is to invest in strengthening community participation, rather than diluting this vital ingredient in a bid to save money, as has tended to be the case, particularly when donor funding dries up.
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