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Title: Tonga.Online @ Siachilaba Ward village heads meeting
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on October 15 2008
Tonga.Online was invited to a meeting of Village Heads in Siachilaba ward on the 4th October, 2008. This was another good opportunity after the Councillors meeting, for Tonga.Online to sensitise the Village heads on the operations of the project in quest for visibility and greater appreciation of the TO activities by the community. T.O. was represented by Sengamo Ndlovu, the Artistic and Communications Officer and Theophorah Sianyuka, the Admin Clerk and Trainer. The aim, objectives and activities of the project were outlined to the Village Heads and it is our sincere hope that these local leaders have a fair idea on Tonga.Online mission.

by Pottar Muzamba