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Title: Zimbabwe Operators Seek to Share Network Infrastructure
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on May 03 2008
Zimbabwe's telecoms trade body, the Telecommunications Operators Association of Zimbabwe (Toaz) has announced that it is working with the mobile operators to permit infrastructure sharing amongst their networks. Toaz chairman, Douglas Mboweni said some were already sharing their infrastructure although some outstanding issues were still to be worked out.

"Network sharing is an issue that we have already discussed and some amongst us are already implementing," he said, "There are however issues that have to be worked on and we hope this will be finalised so that things go smoothly."

Econet Wireless CEO, Mboweni said that while current legislation prevents the sharing of the active infrastructure, it could be possible for the operators to share towers and some elements of the passive kit.

Due to the currency problems within the economy, the operators are facing increased problems expanding their networks.

(Source: Cellular News / Balancing Act News Update Issue 403)