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Title: The Magnificent tree
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on January 15 2008
At Siachilaba primary school there is a big baobab tree which is about 145 years old and measuring 16.5 meters in width. Some people from other countries come to see this baobab tree. This tree is  at the school football ground.  Most people do not know the age of this tree.  When they were born they found this tree.  Most people died and left this tree.  It is a strong tree.  It gives us a nice shade and delicious fruits.  When there are ceremonies we hold them under the baobab tree .When it is break time school children play under the baobab tree .But  the known biggest baobab tree in Zimbabwe is found at Victoria Falls where I was born .But some people say the biggest baobab tree is this one at Siachilaba Primary. Our chief holds the National Bira ceremony under  the
baobab tree .The national bira ceremony is a ceremony of thanks giving to our ancestors in preparation to the next farming season.

Compiled by Lauretta L . Zikhali Aged 12Years old,  Grade 7,

Title: Re: The Magnificent tree
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on January 15 2008
The Baobab Tree

At Siachilaba   primary school there is a big baobab tree which is near the football pitch.  Many people from around Binga and outside Binga come to see the tree.  People do their wedding ceremonies under the baobab tree because all people can get enough shade and also  do their workshops and other meetings or gatherings.
The tree is in the eastern part of our school and it is southern of our police station.  During football games, players use the back of the tree as dressing space for changing attires during matches. 
So we hear many people who say it is the biggest baobab tree in Zimbabwe and other people say there is the one found in Victoria Falls, but I think the biggest is the one found here at Siachilaba primary school.  When it is break time children can play under that baobab tree.  Teachers  conduct lessons under the baobab tree. I like the Siachilaba baobab tree very much.

compiled by Nonel V Mudimba 15 yrs, Grade 7,