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Title: Report from Siachilaba ITC : September - October 07
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on January 15 2008
by Theophora Sianyuka

Despite on going computer awareness, the community found it worthwhile to  use the center so that they obtain the required documents and knowledge about the post. Project advertised posts for  trainee technicians that required applicants to be computer literate,  So far the project received at least two applications  from Siachilaba I.T.C users.

Tailor-made computer training courses are offered according to the groups' areas of interests . The groups that underwent training  included three secondary school leavers, one female teacher from Siachilaba Primary, the newly elected  Siachilaba Primary School Development Committee (S.D.C) Executive Members. Campaign for female Education (CAMFED)  Coordinator and other community members. 

After getting funds from CAMFED Organisation for starting up income generating projects for self sustainability, groups under the Mother Support group programme has enrolled for I.T  training at the centre. The group ventured into business projects because buying and selling is now a major source of income compared to formal employment.
The school taught the pupils what the teachers know about Tonga culture but still the knowledge that the pupils got is shallow. There is need for someone from the community, preferably an elderly person, to teach the existing Siachilaba Primary School Young Ngoma Buntibe Group.  The group consists of mainly grades four,  five and six pupils. Pupils are eager to learn from their parents or grand parents but the big drawback is the farming season which has started and the lack of knowledge of Tonga culture from teachers is another contributing factor.

*see Siachilaba Primary Young Ngoma Buntibe Group pictures on this website*