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Title: News from Siachilaba ITC and Simonga
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on December 03 2007
Siachilaba ITC started the 4th quarter on a high notch. A number of training activities were lined up for the quarter namely the training of government heads of department, Campaign for Girl Child Education (CAMFED) Coordinators and Women group, teaching primary school pupils the Ngoma Buntibe dance among other things. During the months under review, the ITC conducted training for stakeholders focusing on the government heads of departments (ZRP, SDC, AREX, women Affairs). This training was designed to give incumbents basic computer skills in view of setting  a foundation for e-governance. Complimentary to the stakeholders training was a course for (CAMFED) coordinators and one (1) female teacher on computer literacy.

Training which covered the following topics :

    Open office word processing
    Open office spreadsheet
    Open office presentation

The stastics of the community members trained during the period being reviewed as shown below.

Sex    No trained
Female    3
Male    6
Total    9

The pupils training is also in progress. Statistically, there are 786 pupils (413 boys and 373
 girls) that are under going training in basic computer skills.

Cultural activities

Simonga group leader, Jossam Munkuli has started  teaching the Siachilaba Primary School junior ngoma buntibe group members on how to blow nyele using reeds for horns. Girls are keen to learn how to blow the nyele (horn) and to play the different types of drums.