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Title: Content management Software System Launched in Uganda
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on June 12 2007
By: David Muwanga

Article summary:
Uganda receives a new electronic document management and workflow solution from COSEKE - a Tanzania based company that specializes in document management.

An electronic document management and workflow solution has been launched in Uganda by the Tanzanian based company COSEKE.

The system that is already operating in many government and private institutions in Kenya and Tanzania specializes in document management, workflow, business process management, massive information storage technologies.

Others include automatic data capture and form processing solution and physical file management technologies.

"The system is that when we digitize your company we convert all paper records into electronic records and these can be retrieved through the local area network (LAN) or Internet," said the company's business development manager Jeff Thuo.

"After digitizing all the paper records, we deploy a workflow solution that helps in converting an office into a paperless environment," he added.

"For example if any delivery has been made, a delivery note is written and signed and an invoice is provided as the supplier expects payment soon, so we scan the invoice and convert it in digital form,".

In its digital form the invoice will move to the responsible officers in the office electronically through all the processes until payment is done, then the electronic document can be retrieved for future reference.

"The benefit of this new technology is that the responsible officers can share the document simultaneously and have the backup copies in case of disaster," he said at the launch of the system on Wednesday at the Sheraton hotel.

Information Communication Technology minister Dr. Ham Mukasa Mulira who launched the system said today business world evolves around information that is recorded on paper, microforms and magnetic media, information in the form of correspondence, contracts invoices, orders and reports.

"The volume of records, a good portion generated by computers, copiers and other advanced forms of office technology show no sign of decreasing," he said.

"That is why the government promotes and encourages investment by the private sector in ICT including document management, mass storage technologies, automatic data capture and form processing solution,".

The system provides good record management that has made more employees, leaders and managers obtain reliable information to enable them make sound judgments and decisions in the business empires.

It is important that latest technologies be available to businesses and institutions and we need to encourage local skills to provide the expertise and contribute in the design.

He said in order for the Africans to fully benefit from ICT, a properly planned and coordinated approach is vital.