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Title: SYANZYUNDU ITC update
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on March 05 2007
 Clemence Mungombe who was on attachment at the school went back to the college. Owing to the scarcity of IT teachers in the district, will bridge the gap by sending Emelda Munkombwe to take over from Clemence. She will work in liaison with Mr Elia Mutale who is the IT department head for the school.

For this period under review, computer lessons had not started. The school was busy planning for the year and enrolling pupils. A total of 601 pupils were enrolled for the computer lessons at the school and no community members had come to register for IT course during the month.

Plans to remove the bats in the ITC are at advance stage. Some fumigation insecticides have been secured from Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. While networking with the Department of National Parks on the best method of removing of the bats had started.

posted by Pottar Muzamba

Title: Re: SYANZYUNDU ITC update
Post by: Peter Kuthan / AZFA on March 25 2008
Dear all.

I hope you all had a pleasant easter holiday.
Binga is peaceful. Civil servants are busy preparing for the elections which are just around the corner.

I would like to inform you that the district got 20 additional computers and 4 printers from the President. Ten of these computers and two printers are for Binga Highschool. Whilst the other 10 computers and 2 printers are for Sianzyundu secondary school. What a good gesture for the district. This donation will go a long way in reducing the high student computer ratio in the beneficiary schools. Plans to assist schools to set them up are underway.


Pottar Muzamba
Tonga.Online Director