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Title: Opportunity: International Poetry and Solidarity Day
Post by: Ignatius Mabasa on January 08 2007
Dear Fellow writers
Happy New Year! For those of you under 30, here is an opportunity to go international. Give it a go!
Best wishes
Ignatius Mabasa

Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe


From: valeragruber []
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 12:51 PM
To: Information, Harare (Zimbabwe)
Subject: International Poetry and Solidarity Day

Dear Madame/Sir,

I read in your website about the projects the British council Zimbabwe is carrying out as well about the “crossing borders poets project” (in . I would like to present to you  the projects of the Association “Poetry and Solidarity” .

 “Poesia e Soliarietà” (Poetry and Solidarity) (Trieste Italy) is a Voluntary Association (ONLUS) ( . In collaboration with the “United World Colleges” of the World and many public and private institutions it promotes the Third Edition of the International Poetry Competition “Castello di Duino”, which already in the first and second edition was very successful with the participation of 800 young people from 70 countries.

    * The Competition is open to young people under 30 Years of age. It was conceived as a part of a larger project named “Poesia e Solidarietà linguaggio dei popoli” (Poetry and Solidarity language of the peoples)
    * Participation is free.
    * Poems will be accepted and evaluated as much as possible in the mother tongue of the authors. The jury is composed by poets and literary experts with different linguistic competences (A translation into English or Italian is, however, required).
    * 3 prizes of €500 each will be awarded the winners. Various minor prizes to the noteworthy poets. The poems of the winners and a selection of the best poems will be published by the publishing House IBISKOS editrice di A. Risolo in Italian and English version and recorded on CD in their original Languages.  (the proceeds of the sales will be devoted to humanitarian scopes).
    * The poets whose poems are not published in the book may ask for publishing it in the Website of the Competition .


Since 2007 The Association promotes an INTERNATIONAL POETRY AND SOLIDARITY DAY. In attachment you will find a little programmatic document.

I think your activities are very important from our point of view. I wonder 1) if you want to help us to spread the announcement of the competition among the young poets of Zimbabwe in all the suitable ways; the announcement can be also read in the website of the competition translated into 16 different languages 2) if you would like to participate in our project of an International Poetry and Solidarity Day.

In this case you could link some of your activities with our project by quoting it during the events you will organize or in the documents related with your activity. For us is very important to spread the message of the association. On the other hand you could send to us documents of your humanitarian activities so that we can present it during the event “Handshaking/Stringersi la mano) which will take place at Trieste the next march 25. It would be very interesting if one representative of your projects could come to Trieste to present your activity but at the moment we cannot provide travel expense with our little budget. We could only offer free accommodation.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and I am ready to answer your possible questions.

Best regards and thanks

Gabriella Valera Gruber